Guidelines for Conducting Bell Jar

A qualified authorized organization seeking to conduct bell jar must first obtain a Games of Chance Identification Number by filing Form 1A (Application for Registration and Identification Number) with the Commission. (See Rule 4601.)

  • File license application Forms GC-2, GC-2A and GC-2B in triplicate with the municipal clerk, along with a check for $25.

  • Obtain a Bell License (Form GC-5) from the clerk, which must be posted at all times in each area bell jar tickets are sold.

  • Bell jar tickets cannot be sold on Christmas Day or Easter Sunday.

  • If bell jar tickets are dispensed from a dispensing machine (including “stamp machines”), each machine must be purchased from a licensed supplier and registered with the using Form GC-01BJ.

  • The corresponding flare for each bell jar ticket deal in play must be prominently posted; players cannot redeem winning tickets if the tickets have been removed from the premises; a player cannot be paid a prize unless he/she redeems an actual winning bell jar ticket; all winning tickets must be defaced upon redemption and retained by the organization for at least six months; and a deal cannot be removed from play until at least 75% of the prizes for the deal have been awarded.

  • All unsold tickets from a deal removed from play must be retained by the organization for at least one year.

  • Within 15 days after the end of each calendar quarter, prepare and file form GC-7Q with the Commission. Send a list of all checks written that quarter with a copy of the three most recent bell jar bank statements. Retain a copy for your records.

  • Only bona-fide members of a licensed organization, who have been bona-fide members for at least one year, may manage or assist in the sale of bell jar tickets.

  • The name of every organization member that manages or sells bell jar tickets must be listed as either a member in charge or an assistant to the members in charge on the bell jar license and/or amendment to the license on Form GC-6 that has been filed with the municipal clerk’s office.

  • The names of at least four members in charge must appear on each bell jar license. Only a bona-fide member of the licensed organization who has been a member of the licensee for at least one year is eligible to serve as a member in charge. (Members of an organization’s auxiliary or affiliate who are not bona-fide members of the licensee organization are ineligible to serve as a member in charge).

  • Each licensee shall require its treasurer to report in writing to its chief officer and membership, at least once a month, the number of bell jar deals sold since the last report and the net profit from each bell jar deal. The chief officer shall require that monthly deposit slips, bank statements, checking accounts and bankbooks be exhibited at each such meeting, and are open to individual membership inspection.

  • Organizations must check bell jar ticket sales invoices received from its supplier(s) to ensure that each that the serial number and form number of each deal corresponds with the deals received.

  • Authorized organizations must establish and enforce strict internal controls in order to ensure compliance with all laws, rules and regulations.

  • A licensed authorized organization CANNOT use members of an auxiliary to assist in the conduct of bell jar games unless the auxiliary obtains a Games of Chance ID Number from the Commission. Also, the members’ names must be listed on Form BC-2A or on a license amendment Form BC-6.

  • Each bell jar worker must wear an ID badge bearing the name of the licensee, the member’s name, address, signature & photograph. A second form of ID must be provided by each worker, upon request.

  • Bell jar workers cannot buy tickets from their own organization during the calendar year in which they are licensed.

  • Licensed authorized organizations must purchase bell jar tickets from a games of chance supplier licensed by the Commission.